We work in all styles:

Traditional, Transitional, mid-century

to contemporary...

About Sasha:

I  have always had a love for all aspects of design.  As a young girl, I was often found with my mom, Rowie, who has been in the field for over 50 years.  At her side, I would often tag-a-long to showrooms, workrooms and client meetings.  I was excited and intrigued by it all from an early age.  I later honed my skills and graduated with a BA from Rhode Island School of Design.  I have enjoyed working on projects  throughout the East Coast and in a broad range of architectural styles; traditional, transitional, mid-century, and contemporary homes. Oh, and why the cricket? I love them and they are good luck for your home -- I always keep a few around in various forms.

Why SNI?

We excel in understanding our clients' personality, taste and goals for a specific space; tailoring each project with a thoughtful and cohesive design solution that best suits their lifestyle and budget.  We are passionate about working together with our clients to create spaces that truly capture their personality reflect their style.

What Makes SNI UNIQUe?

No two projects are ever the same.  If someone can tell that SNI was your decorator upon walking in, we have not done our job.  Your home should be a direct reflection of your personality, and tell your story, not ours.  That's what we love most about our job, being the ghost writer to your story.